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This Weekend/Summer, Friendlytown is Invading Two Local Festivals!

That’s right – our certifiably insane little show has been asked to perform sets on two fantastic local festivals right here in Knoxville. I know that means, by definition, we’re not invading them, but it sounds better and nobody reads this website anyway.

Check these out and mark your calendars!

WOZOFEST: SUNDAY, JULY 22nd (Pilot Light)


Friendlytown will be doing a special half-hour set to open night two of WOZO Fest, a benefit festival for WOZO, our community powered radio station in North Knoxville. Check out their site for a full listing of performers, but you can find us at the Pilot Light from 7pm [edit] on Sunday, playing before our good friends in Chum Village Einstein Simplified. We cannot wait to give this whole “telethon” thing a crack. That’s all you’re getting from me right now.

Tickets are available for $5 at the door and you can get advanced two-day passes via their site (though the Paypal link is compromised, as of this writing).



This is going to be a doozy. In addition to standup sets from a couple of our Mayors before (or after? we’re not sure of the lineup/timing yet), Friendlytown will be doing a 45 minute set to kick off the festivities in the performing arts space around the corner from the Landing. More details as we have them!

Second Bell festival is the fantastic new iteration for Blankfest, a successful local festival sponsored by Blank Newspaper. This is its first year moving south of the Tennessee, and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the madness.

You can grab advance tickets now at their website here. Proceeds till go to benefit the Scarecrow Foundation.

Get pumped, citizens.

Also, sorry for the delays in Friendlytown Radio broadcasts. They’ll be starting back up again soon

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