Knox Comedy

TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! Here’s some useful information about the show(s). Also, on WOZO Radio at 4pm today.

pilot_light_10_10000_512_fillHello! To those of you who either have tickets already or are planning to come tonight, thank you for your support. A few things to keep in mind, especially if you aren’t a Pilot Light regular:

1. Both shows will be starting as close to on time as possible! “Pilot Light Time” is a province of the early 2010s, and anyone who has been to Rain/Shine Comedy Shows knows we don’t observe “comedy time” either. Doors for the early show (7:30pm) will be at 7pm and doors for the late show (9:30pm) will be as soon as possible after the first show ends (think 9 or 9:15 at the latest).

2. The Pilot Light is CASH-ONLY. There is one ATM in Old City (next to the Urban Bar patio). It may be wise to stockpile some cash before heading into the Old City tomorrow in case that ATM gets Murphy’s-Law’d out of order tomorrow night.

3. As Saturdays go in the Old City, it may be smart to either Uber/Lyft or budget extra time to park. There are parking lots on all sides of Old City, and usually the free-est/easiest one is the Anthony Keidis Lot (under the bridge), but there’s a pay lot across from the Old City Wine Bar, a block from the Pilot Light.

4. Please respect the fact that we’re recording an album. Anyone who is disruptive to the performers or audience members will be asked to leave. The back patio is closed to the public, so if you need to step outside for any reason, go out the front and move away from the door (sound travels remarkably well from out front).

5. If you don’t have tickets yet, you have until 2:30pm today to get advance tickets. After that, all admission will be $10 at the door. As of now, the 7:30 show is pretty crowded and there are more advance tix left for the 9:30pm show, but I have no way to predict how walk-ups will be.

6. This reiterates the “get there early” point from #1 and #3, but seating is general admission. We will try to make as much seating available as possible but can’t guarantee you a seat if you arrive late (especially if walk-up numbers are large, which they tend to be at Pilot Light).

Alright, I think that covers it… until I remember something else. I’ll be posting any ticketing/show updates on twitter @tylersonic, so follow me there. Also, tune into WOZO 103.9 FM in North Knox (streaming here everywhere else) at 4pm! I’m stopping by my friend Heather’s radio show to say hi and I’ll give any updates about tickets then, too.

See you all tonight. Thanks for being into this. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. Let’s see how this insanity goes!


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