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PRESS RUN: My Interview with Knoxville Urban Guy and Two Recent Podcast Appearances

In the run up to my album recording on June 30th (tickets here!), I’ve spent the past few weeks appearing on the podcasts of whoever would have me as a guest, and sitting down with some local bloggers to chat. In case hearing me talk for 45 – 50 minutes next Saturday isn’t enough, buckle up…

‘Inside of Knoxville’ Feature Story

Tyler Sonnichsen, Knoxville, June 2018

Special thanks to Alan from Inside of Knoxville for having me over to catch up and talk about the recording, comedy in Knoxville in general, and the role that family and community play in what I do. READ IT HERE.

The Man in the Arena with Michael Shibley



Though I haven’t written about it in great detail (on this site at least), I fucking love the Washington Capitals. Yes, they just won the Stanley Cup, and yes I’m still staying up late nightly watching repeats of their playoff run and figuring out how I can throw my money at the organization, Sports Illustrated, and anyone else trying to profit off of their moment. It’s rare I get the chance to blab about hockey in a public forum, so I’m grateful for my friend Michael Shibley, who had me on his fun sports podcast The Man in the Arena, to do just that. I interrupt myself a bunch and, because we recorded this the day before the Caps actually clinched the Cup, I was a bundle of nerves but I didn’t jinx anything!

Being Friends with Rowan Young


I tried so hard to embed the file from LibSyn. So hard. But WP is complete garbage for trying to embed anything that isn’t YouTube or something else with Google billions behind it. Even then, YouTube embedding can be finicky. Anyway, LISTEN ON LIBSYN HERE.


Rowan Young is a very funny young woman getting her feet wet in the world of comedy and Knox-doings. She is a naturally gifted conversationalist, and I had a lot of run hamming it up with her at the Auralation studios in downtown Knoxville. Seriously, I felt like I was talking with a more entertaining Terry Gross in what’s probably an even nicer studio. I got to talk more about my life in comedy and a bit about the history of the Friendlytown show!


Thanks again to Alan the Knoxville Urban Guy, Mike Shibley, and Rowan Young for their support and offering me their platforms for a day. Always great to have the excuse to sit and chat with them. And thanks to you for checking these out! As you probably know by this point, my album recording is on June 30th at the Pilot Light, there are two shows (7:30 and 9:30) and you can get your tickets now for a FREE album download and other surprise perks.

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