On the Road

Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival this Weekend! (Columbus, OH)


Yeahhhh buddy! After not making it up to Columbus for the entirety of 2017 (I knew a pocket of my soul was missing), I’ll be heading up there tomorrow for my third time in 2018! This is a big deal, you understand, and not just because the Third Annual Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival is going to kick an amount of ass that’s just impossible to truly comprehend.

The full schedule is right here, and here are the shows where you can find me:

Thursday 5/17 at 9pm

The Roast of Disney at Mikey’s Late Night Slice (Downtown Location)
I’ll be playing Olaf the Snowman, everyone’s favorite completely useless character in the Disney canon!


Friday 5/18 at 8PM

Neat Neat Neat (Standup Showcase) at Defining Skin Tattoo
I’m excited to finally check this venue out! Even though I can’t afford no cannon 😦


Friday 5/18 at 11:59pm

The Midnight Comedy Power Hour at Defining Skin Tattoo
Just… come and watch this shit unfold.


Saturday 5/19 at Kafe Kerouac

The Pop Culture Mixtape’s POP-UP VIDEO SHOW, 9pm
I’m excited to finally do a show at the place where I wiled away so many hours trying to drink tea and work on my thesis/dissertation (whichever side of 2013 on which you saw me there). Anyway, yeah, this show is a riot and I’m excited to shine a light on a completely insane Yacht Rock video my Mom’s old buddy made. I had a lot of fun bringing this to the stage at Justin Thompson’s wonderful Drop-Up Video show at the Relapse Theater last year. One of the highlights from that night, William Childress, will also be on this show.


Alright! Let’s drink some Oubliette and live forever, Columbus. As David Zoe Leon will probably say about 45x per night, “WHISKEY BEEAAAARRRRRR!”

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