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078: The FAPTV Premiere of ‘Hot Wheelz/Hot Takes!’

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ftr_1400logoWe know what you’re thinking. “What happened to Episode 77: Friendlytown Comedy Boot Camp!?” We aren’t proud of this, but Sargent S. Laughter took the master tapes and buried them at an undisclosed location (probably the back of his Honda CRV) and refuses to give them back until we aren’t a buncha “softies.” Well, looks like we’re never getting those recordings back 😦

Buck up, though, since we have plenty more quality programming for you! On March 5, we brought together all of the powers that be from Friendlytown Access, Public Television (FAPTV) to premiere our brand new show, Hot Wheelz / Hot Takes, where we all sit in our cars and complain about banal shit into our phones! Here’s a sample for you:

If the timbre of the American public and inexplicable popularity of Chewbacca mom are any indication, the people don’t want exhaustively produced programming – they want disposable pap that anyone who can afford an iPhone can churn out between dropping the kids off at soccer practice and going home to a spouse they don’t love anymore! Well, if there’s one thing we at Friendlytown are all about, it’s mass appeal and being people pleasers.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy an hour of the finest new programming that FAPTV has to offer. The best part about podcasting it is that you don’t have to stare at the ranter’s face.

Recorded Live at the Pilot Light March 5, 2017, Knoxville TN. 



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