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076: Friendlytown Throws a Shitty Music Festival!


Josh interviews for the coveted Head of Security position at our upcoming shitty music festival while Father Jay Foggybits struggles with whether to tell him he’s full of Dracula waves.

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It’s February, so you know what that means: music festivals are announcing their lineups and opening those pre-sale VIP packages so millennials and recently-divorced 30-somethings can throw their hard-earned money away on a weekend of camping in pouring rain for the privilege of watching 55-year-old Anthony Kiedis flippy-flippy-flam flam his way through RHCP’s Greatest Hits!

We here at Friendlytown are no exception, and now that the Festival bubble is (finally) beginning to burst, we need to get on that train for real. Yes, FRIENDLYTOWN IS THROWING ITS OWN SHITTY MUSIC FESTIVAL!

On this episode, our special celebrity guest host FATHER JAY FOGGYBITS as he brings the Friendlytown City Council together to present their special VIP package ideas, dream lineups, and maybe even share a few song/sound samples for the people. Admission to the Friendlytown Music Festival (name to be decided at this show) will be $392.15 ($592.15 VIP package where you get to sleep in a trailer), but listening to this episode is FREE FREE FREEEEEE so tune on in.

Recorded Live at the Pilot Light February 19, 2017, Knoxville TN. Photos by Jamie J.



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