On the Road

Zines for Sale on the Sonic-Simon Tour next Weekend

27912588_10104459247643826_884114598674025630_oONE WEEK UNTIL 3 SONIC 3 SIMON KICKS OFF AND HEADS UP TO INDY. Just like every tour ever, Sean and I will both be scrambling at the last minute to cobble everything together (Sonic-Simon Pins, ‘Flour to the People’ Promotional Posters we will sign as any celebrity you choose…) and inevitably forget something crucial.

This time around, we are taking a left-turn with some of our merch. While Sean will be wielding life-giving bread at our table(s) throughout the Midwest, I’ll be selling some quality reading material for varying amounts of gas money donations. Over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten back into zine-making in a big way. Provided I don’t run into too much trouble with printing/binding between now and then, these are the zines I’ll have for sale. They mostly cost a few bucks for gas money.

sheets-of-gold-leaf-500x500STOLID GOLD

Brand New!! It’s a music zine about music and some commentary about how stupid our culture gets a lot of the time. I’m planning to print maybe 25 of these (ON GOLD COVERS), so I may have a few left over when we’re back. It will contain a list of over 600 songs I truly love and 20 I completely fucking hate.


IMG_5764[1]As reviewed (positively!) in Razorcake, my project from last year where I compiled a bunch of anecdotes about the decade of my life I’ve spent running all over cities, taping and stapling stuff up to tell people to come to my shows. I also have advice and stuff in there on how not to flyer like an asshole. The initial run is pretty much sold out, so I’m going to be printing a small second run.


Ah, that ol’ chestnut. Thanks to Friendlytown’s Bartending Mayor (TM) Todd Lewis, I’ve recovered a handful of issues of each. There will be 8 issues available of #3 (August 2017), 6 issues available of #2 (whenever that was), and 2 issues of the apocryphal #1 (don’t remember exactly when these came out, either, but damn I thought they were all gone). #1 is the one with the original regional map of Friendlytown, and irregular dimensions. I’m trying to rush through a 4th issue in time to bring on the road, but we’ll see where that’s at by this time next week!

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