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073: Friendlytown Banishes Mayor Aaron Chasteen!


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After over two long years of having to deal with the scourge of Mayor Chasteen’s talent, charm, and inexorable occasional mustaches, we are finally getting rid of the bastard! He has decided to move to Atlanta, and to that we say: not before we banish you first. So, we have decided to gather many of our city council members (and a few interlopers) to propose why or why not Aaron should be allowed to set foot on Friendlytown soil ever again! It got even better when we realized that Aaron’s family and spate of coworkers also decided to come to Friendlytown Hall to join in the spectacle. Have a listen and let us know if we were being too harsh to the fella; his leaving hurts us more than anything, really.

Recorded Live at the Pilot Light January 29, 2017, Knoxville TN




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