Friendlytown Radio

057: Friendlytown Gets Invaded by Aliens!


Detective Marsh has to adjust his line of questioning for Kenny, the star of Friendlytown Access Public Television (FAPTV) show “Doing Drugs with Kenny.” (Jamie Alexis photo)

THE. TRUTH. IS. OUT. THERE. Or so says our city council. We’ve been hearing a whole bunch of strange accounts of extraterrestrials showing up around town, seen out over the Affable Ocean and even around the burnt ruins of the QEDopolis. This week, Detective Donnie Marsh visits us from places unknown (Chattanooga) to get to the bottom of this. He interviews various Friendlytownspeople about their claims. ARE WE ALONE? WHY IS MY CAPS LOCK STUCK

Recorded Live at the Pilot Light September 27, 2017, Knoxville TN


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