Friendlytown Radio

052: Friendlytown’s One-Year Anniversary Show!


As Friendlytown’s founding fathers used to say: FUCK YEAH! WE MADE IT. One a scale of one to “a Solar Eclipse happened on that day” how proud are you of us? In celebration, we got all of our coolest mayors back together to systematically revisit meetings they couldn’t be there for (or were and just wanted to redo), and THE RESULTS WILL ASTOUND YOU.

Seriously, though, thank everybody SO SO MUCH for helping the show get to the point it has been (both as of this recording and as of this posting, three months late because I’m bad at life – yes, I just switched to the first person singular because this lag is on me. BUT we’re changing things up soon, so keep yourself posted on the latest in Friendlytown as we round out 2017 and enter 2018 an IMPROVED TOWN/SHOW).

Okay, switching back to the plural person to say that we love you.

Recorded Live at the Pilot Light August 21, 2017, Knoxville TN


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