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062: Friendlytown Has Too Many Hot Dogs!


Best comedy poster artwork ever made, by Laura Sanders.

On October 30, 2017, the Mayors of Friendlytown decided, ONCE AND FOR ALL, to do something about our troubling hot dog surplus. Mayor Tyler explains it in more detail at the beginning of this episode, but we weren’t proud of our situation. Fortunately, internationally renowned HDDM (Hot Dog Demolition Man) Dustin Meadows came to town from Columbus to deliver us from evil/hot dogs. This is the broadcast of what happened on that night. None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.



Timeless classic of a goddamn photo by Jamie J.

(By the way, forgive us for leapfrogging ahead with episodes, but we decided “eh…why not” because 1) this episode was a classic, and 2) it was produced/ready for the air. We all have jobs outside of Friendlytown and it’s been harder to find time to cut and edit audio over the past month. Episodes 50-61 are coming down the pike, promise).

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Also, check out our good buddy Dustin’s website here. Contact him if you would like him to bring “Hot Dog! A Comedy Show” to your town (real or fictional).

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