Knox Comedy

Hot Dog! (the comedy show/hot dog-eating contest) comes to Knoxville MONDAY


Best comedy poster artwork ever made, by Laura Sanders.

Here’s the deal: we in Friendlytown have just too many hot dogs. Our surplus isn’t something we’re terribly proud of, either. So, we’ve called in a HDDM (Hot Dog Demolition Man) to help us sort this out.

Dustin Meadows (whose initials match “Demolition Man,” I realize as I’m typing this and amusing myself heartily) started HOT DOG! up in Columbus a couple of years ago. I had the chance to see one of these events in person at the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival in 2016, and holy hell I can’t remember the last time I laughed harder and had more anarchic fun at a comedy show.

Basically, it’s a traditional stand-up showcase, except every performer has a “trigger” or a “mine” they’re not allowed to step across/on – a thing they do in their comedy that will result in Dustin buzzing them and making them consume a hot dog! It’s deceptively simple and insanely fun.

Our hot dog consumers for this evening will be:

  • Kelly Morgan (from Asheville!)
  • Jaxx Porter
  • Lance Adams
  • Aaron Chasteen
  • Carson Barnes
  • Jeff Danger
  • Bryce Houseal
  • Joshua Lampley
  • St. Thomas LeDoux
  • Alyssa Miller
  • Beth Tompkins

Bring your appetites.

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