On the Road

A Couple Things Particularly Relevant if You’re in Minneapolis Today

Hey, so real quick:

  1. If you’re in Minneapolis (or St. Paul), the wonderful punk/metal/awesome shop Extreme Noise now has a couple copies of my zine Here, You Throw This Away for sale! It didn’t even hit me until after I left the shop today that it’s extra special knowing they’re for sale here, considering how I cribbed the title from my favorite artist to ever emerge from the Twin Cities. There is also one (1) copy of Friendlytown #3 there in case you’re wondering how smaller scenes rot comics’ imagination and prose.
  2. This one’s more time-sensitive: If you’re in Minneapolis (or St. Paul), I’m going to be doing a guest spot to open before the monthly comedy contest at Sisyphus Brewing over on the west side of Downtown. The host/producer Corey Adam kept (helpfully) describing stuff it was near for my reference, but I was a hopeless case. I looked it up, and the only landmark I remembered around there is Hifi, a combo hair studio and record shop that gave me fond memories of Broken Records & Beehives in Columbus (may it rest in peace) as I rode by it on the bus yesterday afternoon. Anyway, the Sisyphus show is at 8pm tonight.

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