Knox Comedy


Don’t sleep on this one, Knoxville; we at Friendlytown have got some real humdingers in store for your laugh-muscles. And there may just be pizzas and sweet baked goods for performers and paying (attention and/or donations) audience members.



Poster by St. Thomas LeDog

Todd, John, St. Thomas and I will be making a special appearance on Alan Sims’ “Knoxcentric” Radio Hour on WUTK-FM THIS SUNDAY MORNING at 10 am ET to chat about the history/progress of Friendlytown and our encroaching anniversary. Tune in on 90.3 FM inside of Knoxville, or at their online streaming site outside of Knoxville.

ALSO, because just celebrating with an experimental comedy free-for-all isn’t enough, we will also have ISSUE 3 of the FRIENDLYTOWN ZINE on sale, out that night!

Oh, and while I have your attention, come out this Monday 8/14, too, for Friendlytown Needs a Midlife Crisis, where our city council members propose ways for us to gracefully embrace middle age with irresponsible purchases and bad-to-the-bone life choices.

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