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Larry Fulford coming to Sugar High this Thursday


Of this much I am certain: it’s going to be Fulftastic. Fulftacular, even. Come on out for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Sugar Mamas’ torrid love affair with RainShine Comedy. Come on out to see both Larry Fulford (Chicago via Orlando-town) and Kelly Morgan (Asheville/hilarious) make their respective RainShine Comedy debuts. Come on out to see what new tricks Gail has up her fashionable sleeves. Come on out to see Shane be the upstanding citizen he is. Come on out and join me as I laugh myself silly, eat from their menu, drink beer, and spoil myself with cookies all while eagerly anticipating hosting for Max Fine and Toast Tom Russell in our May Show.

By the way, if you haven’t yet, subscribe to Friendlytown Radio on iTunes. Updates and swaths of new episodes are coming soon (including a comprehensive episode guide here), because we love you. Last night’s episode was a lot of fun, especially thanks to all of the rare species illustrations provided us by Dr. Cown McBoston.

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