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Shows Tonight and Tomorrow in Knoxville Purple Monkey Dishwasher

It’s been inexcusably long since I’ve written anything here. I thought briefly yesterday about continuing a series I used to do on the old where I would embed some video from the MTV online video archive and write out a script for what I imagine the pitch meeting was like for that music video. This crossed my mind because a group of friend-comics, led by my buddy Dustin Meadows (who I prepared a post about his March 3rd Saw Works show but never hit publish on because I’m a dummy who sits on things for way too long… actually come to think of it, many of the items sitting in my drafts folder are quickly approaching obsolescence if they’re not already there) did a show in Columbus last night where they eviscerated music videos for others’ entertainment. That shit is my bread and butter.  Atlanta’s Justin Thompson brought a similar show through Friendlytown on a mini-tour in November, but I couldn’t be there because I was in Columbia (put a pin in that city) for a meeting that night. I mean, I did get to experience the wonder of New Brookland Tavern and meet lots of great folks in SC, but that’s beside the point.

If I could just write about music videos 10 hours a day for a living, I absolutely would. Those things were instrumental to my development as a media studies nerd, a geographer, and probably (in some weird ways I haven’t thought about far enough ahead to defend this statement so don’t ask) a comedian. So, be on the lookout for that. I treasure any excuse I have to share some late-90’s regrettable-culture (h/t Jake Young), and not just because I’m jealous That Awful Sound sorta got to it first.  (Editorial: I had to wade through four links to a song from the Arcade Fire’s garbage-fire Reflecktor in order to find that link; don’t say I never do anything for you guys).

Now that I’ve probably lost your attention, here’s the reason I’m posting this right now: SHOWS.

TONIGHT, Krish Mohan will be headlining a special evening of chicanery at Scruffy City Hall’s Open Door Comedy night. Show is at 8pm and free so come through! Krish is brilliant and funny and from DC via Pittsburgh, so that’s kinda a triple threat threatening to become quadruple if the latter city didn’t contain the Penguins, who can kiss my ass. Krish, Mark Viola, and I recorded a live episode of Taboo Table Talk at Friendlytown on Monday, which was an absolute blast (I’ll link to that, along with the numerous other podcasts I’ve guested on in recent weeks/months, soon). Anyway, I’ll be doing an opening spot on the mic/booked portion I think.

TOMORROW NIGHT, LA’s pre-eminent cat-loving comedian Jason Van Glass will be headlining Sugar High at Sugar Mama’s (135 S. Gay Street). Jason was one of the first friends I made around the Meltdown scene in LA when I first moved out there in 2011, and I’m very glad to have him in Knoxville during his Southeast run. Featuring for him will be the always-hilarious Topher Riddle from (you can pull that pin out now) Columbia, SC. Topher has previously featured at our Pizza Hoss show and toured through with Ben Kronberg  at our first WHAT? Comedy Show this fall at Central Collective. Liz Brooks will be our local feature, and I will be hosting.

Alright, more soon, I promise. Be good to each other, and heed these words:

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