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Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (Columbus) this weekend


I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this yet here (probably), but I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be representing Eastern Tennessee along with my friends Matt Chadourne and Hunter Roberts at the inaugural Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival up in Columbus, Ohio. Dustin Meadows and Lisa Berry (two friends and quality comics I’ve been fortunate to bring to Knoxville a couple of times) have been working with Tom Plute (another quality comic from C-Bus that I’ve been fortunate to prevent from ever entering Knoxville’s city limits) to make this a reality. Some of you (namely, me, Matt, Hunter, and Jeff) may remember last year when Matt, Hunter, Jeff Blank, and I went up for Dustin’s Rock Bottom Fest, an early/embryonic version of Whiskey Bear that ran for one fun-packed day at Actual Brewing Company. But this year, the festival has changed names and grow into a not one, not two, but FIVE(!) day soiree of laughs and good decisions in Ohio’s capital metropolis (not sarcastic, Columbus rules).

I have a Youtube mix on in the background now, and Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal” cover just came on apropos of nothing. It’s strangely energizing me, though, so I’m going to throw my personal schedule down here for your alls’ reference. It’s also relevant (in a roundabout way) for the show I’m on at the fest this Sunday night. FORESHADOWING.

If you’re in Columbus, I can’t stress enough that you (1) come to the festival in the first place (RSVP here and get your day or full-weekend passes here) and (2) check out the full schedule, since what I’m pasting below are only the shows where I’m performing. I’ll be all over the place trying to see as many shows as I can.

At any rate, you’ve been struck by- a smooth schedule:

Thursday, May 12
Kick-Off Show
Late Night Slice (Downtown) @ 8:00 PM, $8
Brooke Cartus/Alex Leeds/Dan Loper/Jerry Tran/Matt Chadourne/Justin Covington/Jon Durnell/Jeff Horste/Chris Siemer/ME/Stryker Spurlock/Holly Lynnea/Rachel Fogletto

Friday, May 13
To Hell With Good Intentions
Broken Records And Beehives @ 8:00 PM, $8/BYOB
Dustin Meadows/ME/Brian Kenny/Stryker Spurlock/Danny Stratton/Mary Zee/ Setoiyo Ekpo/Sam Rager/Dave Burkey/Rachel Fogletto

Saturday, May 14
QED Comedy Laboratory Presents: Tiger Style
Six 3 Collective @ 8:00 PM, $8/BYOB
Matt Chadourne/ME/Dustin Meadows/Sam Rager/Joe Horan/Peter Brieck/Nickey Winkelman/Tyler Stewart/Danny Stratton

Dungeon: A Comedy Role-Playing Show
Six 3 Collective @ 10:00 PM, $8/BYOB
Remi Treuer/Mary Zee/Justin Covington/ME/Chad Weaver/Pat Sievert/Max Friedman

Midnight Comedy Party Power Hour
Six 3 Collective @ 11:59 PM, FREE/BYOB
Inspired by comedian John-Michael Bond’s show “The 1 Minute,” this show will feature nearly every single performer from this year’s Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival performing their best single minute of comedy, and as each comic completes their set, the audience and performers take a drink in this late night comedy show slash drinking game.

Sunday, May 15
The Roast Of Fred Durst
Mikey’s Late Night Slice Downtown @ 7:30 PM, $8
Dustin Meadows/Pat Sievert/Andrew Rudick/Brooke Cartus/Dave Burkey/ME/Dan Loper/Setoiyo Ekpo/Brian Kenny/Tyler Stewart/Keith Bergman

I’m not revealing any more secrets about the dais, but Dave Burkey will be rollin’ as Fred Durst and I’ll be portraying everyone’s favorite freak-on-a-leash Jonathan Davis. You don’t want to miss this. Then again, you don’t want to miss any of this festival if you’re in the Central Ohio area. See you later this week!!





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