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Shows in the Next Two Weeks that I think would be rad if you showed up to

Okay, really quick, I know that I’m well overdue for a recap of Sonic-Simon ‘Escape 2 Alabama,’ but it’s coming! For now, here is an overview of some shows I’ve got coming up (and one I won’t be on but I’m excited is happening) that pales in comparison to the 10-day update on the official Scruffy City Comedy Website! But it’s still mine and full of my own inflections, so that’s worth something I hope.

Anyway, it’s springtime in Knoxville, and you know what that means! ALL SORTS OF COMEDY SHOWS ARE BLOOMING! Both newer ones and established ones are happening all over the place, and I’m not saying that missing them is something you’ll regret for the rest of your life, but it probably will be. So check this hot style:

TONIGHT (4/14)-
Pizza Ha-Has at Pizza Hoss
The title has changed subtly a couple of times now, but regardless, if you live anywhere near Powell, then you should check this out. It’s the third room we’ve started with Rain/Shine Productions, and this is the second installment. This month we’ve got Larissa Radtke, Boston McCown, Danny Whitson, and Ashton Binkley! Plus, surprises. No cover, 8pm, good pizza!

reefer-madness-02WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20th
Scruffy City Cinepub: Reefer Madness
It’s mid-April, and that means every stoner’s favorite holiday (just kidding; we all know it’s the day after Valentine’s Day when the candy goes on sale) is upon us . It’s also a national campaign for open micers to comment on how people who “celebrate 420” smoke weed every day anyway. You know one place where you can come to guarantee you won’t hear that tired joke? Scruffy City Hall, where Liz Brooks, Victor Agreda, Matt Ward, and I will be live-riffing on the dumbest movie without the title ‘Across the Universe’ ever made, REEFER MADNESS. We know that this isn’t the usual night for Cinepub, but we couldn’t NOT do this and hope you understand. Anyway, it’s a free show at 8pm, and there are jam bands playing after us!

Comedy Night at Bearden Beer Market
I will be attending this one as a spectator and fan. Matt Ward and Grady Ray will be co-headlining the first of hopefully many monthly shows at the Bearden Beer Market’s back room, brought to you by Jeff Danger(zone) and Kevin Shock(the Monkey)ly. Congrats on those dudes for getting this new show off the ground. It will also alternate with our Thursday shows at Pizza Hoss and another one which I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag on just yet (you need to scroll down for that).

Scruffy City Cinepub: Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Reefer Madness show is a special event, and Cinepub still has it’s regular 4th-Wednesday slot, so the Rain/Shine productions team of myself, Shane Rhyne, Matt Chadourne, and Sean Simoneau are going to be taking to this sci-fi classic with our carefully calculated jokes! 8pm, Free, yeah!

13015513_10102963488477186_2961606120571396908_nTHURSDAY, APRIL 28TH
Sugar High Comedy Night at Sugar Mama’s! (DEBUT SHOW)
This is a big one! Sugar Mama’s Bakery / beer / wine / coolness-enhancing place is opening their doors soon, as as a part of their soft opening, they’ve invited us to premiere our brand new monthly comedy show. Per usual, Shane, Matt, Sean and I will be featuring in our “meet the producers!” show. We are ridiculously excited for this one.  8pm, and no cover!

Casual Comedy in Hardin Valley w/ Ryan Darling
*EDIT* I forgot to include this one because I’m dense. This show has become so much fun that I don’t even feel the need to shout about it. But yeah, if you’re anywhere near 140-West, this is your jackpot for quality entertainment on a Tuesday night. Ryan is helping run the growing comedy scene down in Chattanooga, and we got an aces supporting lineup, too. 7pm show.

SawWorks050616 copyFRIDAY, MAY 6TH
First Friday Comedy at Saw Works w/ Jon Durnell & Katherine Jessup
Remember the show that Shane and I started that basically kick-started all of this Rain/Shine Productions insanity? Well we are in Month 11 of the madness, and this month we’ve got Jon Durnell (LA) and Katherine Jessup (DC) co-headlining! Both are veterans of the Scruffy City Comedy Festival, wonderful people, and of course very funny. Katherine actually just got to open for the legendary Dana Gould at the Bird City Comedy Festival in Phoenix last weekend, and apparently she also delivered a pizza to him onstage. Basically, this is not a Saw Works show you’d want to miss, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get there early to grab a seat. Boston McCown and Aaron Chasteen will be providing local support, and I’ll be hosting. 7pm, No Cover, Beer!

I got exhausted just typing all of this out. Did I mention all of the shows are free? Because they are, and that means you can spend the money you saved on pizza, beer, tacos, or cookies, depending on which show you wind up at.

Also, I really didn’t want to end this post with a preposition, but you all forced me to do it.

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