Knox Comedy

Just… come to Scruffy City Hall Tonight

I don’t have much time to write and put a bunch of fancy links and images here, but I just wanted to document how tonight, Scruffy City Hall will turn into a goddamned comedic playground for adults around 7:30pm.

At 8pm,
Matt Chadourne, Shane Rhyne, Victor Agreda and I will be doing a live-riff on a really REALLY shitty Italian sci-fi film from 1978. I can’t even remember the name, something about Cosmos. It’s that awful and we’re going to have fun.

Then at 10pm,
I’m going to be hosting a late-night stand-up show with a lineup unlike anything this town or nation-state has seen in a while. John-Michael Bond (know him? he’s funny and likes some good bands) is coming up from Atlanta for a big farewell show to Knoxville, as he’s moving to Los Angeles very soon. He’s bringing Dulcé Sloan (also moving to LA and fame because she’s a roof-blower-offer) and David Perdue (very funny, could conceivably move to LA in the future). If that’s not enough to convince you, Trae Crowder will be featuring, probably with a bunch of new material he has barely workshopped at all yet will already be better than anyone else’s A-material because he’s that freakishly talented. Also, Jeff Blank and Larissa Radtke will be unleashing the ginger fury. Jeff made this show happen, too, so if you have the chance to get hugged for slightly-too-long by him, don’t pass it up. Think of all the people in the world who will never have that opportunity.

I should also mention that THIS IS ALL FREE. So, come by and experience Jesus’ love with us.

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