Knox Comedy

A New Face for a Special Place (Travis Irvine)

So, I’ve got a friend named Travis. He’s a good dude. We met each other while performing all over DC over the span of 2008, a year which he spent working mostly for Matthew Lesko (who if you were lucky, you’d see sitting in his question-mark suit on his laptop at Tryst Coffee on occasion). Before Travis returned to New York, I found out that he had run for Mayor of his hometown of Bexley, OH in 2007, at the age of 23.

That got him featured on the Jay Leno show. To be more specific, Jay Leno basically used it without his permission (albeit in a positive way), but basically NBC stole Travis’ song rights from him. That was funny. He wrote about it in his regular Huffington Post column. Did I mention he has a regular Huffington Post column? Because he does that. Also, he spent some time in Abuja, Nigeria teaching A/V (I think) and made a sketch comedy, because why the hell not.

Oh, and he also totally ran for Congress in 2010 on the Libertarian ticket from Ohio. That also happened. He also co-produced a web series called CongressDude based around the alternate reality in which the Ohio voters came to their senses and elected him.

But perhaps most importantly, he’s going to be appearing in Knoxville this weekend for the 2nd Annual Scruffy City Comedy Festival. Do you have your ticket yet?

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