Knox Comedy

It’s [Comedy] Time in Tennessee [Knoxville]!

Alright, just in the interest of putting yet another net out there to capture the fucking surge of comedic events taking place in/around Knoxville over the next few weeks, specifically the last week of September, I’m… putting out a net of things that I support and if you have the time, then I believe you should, too! I’d say “if you have the money,” but if you’re sitting around reading this blog I know you have $10-20 to break off for tickets to support local comedy shows, so don’t pull that “uhhh I need to go to the ATM”-then disappearing act, nerds. This short list also may miss a show or two happening that, because I’m insanely busy with school, may have slipped off my radar while rage-typing all this out. If it’s not on here, please know that it means that I hate you and hope you die. Seriously, feel free to comment on here and I’ll approve it, because I know a (fair majority) of you aren’t crazy.

First of all, The 2nd Annual Scruffy City Comedy Festival has just announced its lineup and it going on sale very soon! Here is the official link, the facebook link, and just a picture of Link with more information. I’m sure I’ll blog about it as it gets closer, but that’s on November 13-15.

Second of all, we’re going to be doing the 2nd Scruffy City Cinemapub thing (or whatever it’s called; Facebook event here) at Scruffy City Hall on Wednesday 9/23. Matt Chadourne, myself, Victor Agreda probably, and some folks from Einstein Simplified are going to be MST3K-ing “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!” It probably won’t have as many boobs as the Bee Woman movie did last month, but we can’t work miracles all the time.

Alright, for the main attraction,

Monday, September 28 – The Pilot Light
The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour with Headliner JT Habersaat, Jay Whitecotton, and Brian Zeolla will be visiting from Austin (though Brain is from Houston, I think). You ever wish someone could encapsulate not just specifically what you feel about Glenn Danzig as an aesthetic and put it out there in jokey jokes, then JT is your man. He has been running Altercation as a brand and zine (I believe) for a decade now, and I met him in 2007 when he brought a group of ATX comics on tour to Baltimore and he let me do a guest spot. It was the first epiphany I had that you could just TOUR. Anyway, tickets will be $5 at the door and we’re running it in lieu of QED. Shane Rhyne and Riki Higgins will be doing local spots, and I’m hosting. HUZZAH.

Tuesday, September 29 – Carleo’s
JC Ratliff will once again be creeking open the doors of Carleo’s with his gigantic skeleton-key (which he probably carries on him anyway; Carleo’s is pretty insistent they have their own set) to bring in a couple of dudes from Huntsville, Alabammer (the new spelling of the State which is not legally binding, unless Proposition 32 passes, and we all pray it will!). Their names are Patrick Cunningham and Matthew Tate. No cover, but donations accepted for their gas/food money. 9:30pm showtime, Facebook Event here.

Wednesday, September 30 – The Pilot Light
Julia Prescott is paying our fair city a visit on her “Please Laugh, This is for my Album” recording tour! She is recording bits and pieces of shows to feature on her next album! She also hosts a super fun podcast about The Simpsons (meaning Seasons 1-9 with occasional moments of 10). Tickets are $5 in advance or $8 at the door! Here is the facebook event, and make sure to mark your calendars! Sean Simoneau and Todd Lewis are featuring, and Matt Chadourne will be hosting.

Thursday, October 1
There’s going to be a Rifftrax Live of “Miami Connection” that we’re all going to be at, mainly as inspiration for future Scruffy City Cinepub shows, but mainly because FRIENDS FOREVER, FRIENDS TOGETHER… Anyway, this doesn’t need my endorsement. Next:

Friday, October 2 – Saw Works Brewing
It is almost already time for the next First Friday Comedy Show at Saw Works!? Didn’t we just sort of have our most recent insanely good, standing-room-only show with Dave Losso and Alex Kumin from Chicago last month? Of course we did, but October 2 is the first friday of October, and this time around we’ve got a pair of wondercomics coming up from Atlanta – Paige Bowman and Andrew Michael! Grady Ray will be doing the local feature spot, and Shane Rhyne will be hosting. Based on the trend at these Saw Works shows, you may want to bring your own chair(s) to be safe. Facebook event coming soon, just for now, know that it’s happening at Saw Works at 7. Be there by 6:30 to get situated and drink delicious beer.


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