On the Road

“See you in hell, candy boys!!” – Hitting the road this summer with Evan Valentine

We are still hashing out details, but we are very excited to announce…

Aside from weekend outings and two-nighters in our respective cities, this is the first time Evan and I have hit the road on a proper comedy tour. We decided to call it “Ragnarok 3.0” since our first two big collaborations were called Ragnarok (January ’11), and Ragnarok 2.0 (Evan’s going-away recording in Aug ’12) respectively.  This just made sense.

We are working on merchandise now, and once the semester is over for me we will be making other announcements. For now, here is our tentative itinerary. Other dates are in flux and definitely subject to change but will be confirmed here once they are confirmed…there. Hope to see you all soon!

  1. Saturday, July 12 – Hattiesburg, MS (Sideline Sports Cafe w/ Rich Aronovich)
  2. Sunday, July 13 – New Orleans, LA (Hi-Ho Lounge)
  3. Monday, July 14 – Mobile, AL (The Attic @ Blind Mule Tavern)
  4. Tuesday, July 15 – Pensacola, FL (Big Easy Tavern)
  5. Wednesday, July 16 – Gainesville, FL (Rockey’s)
  6. Thursday, July 17 – Orlando, FL (Will’s Pub)
  7. Friday, July 18 – Columbia, SC ( The Red Door Tavern)
  8. Saturday, July 19 – Greenville, SC (Tealoha)
  9. Sunday, July 20 – TBA
  10. Monday, July 21 – Atlanta, GA (Sweetwater Brewing)
  11. Tuesday, July 22 – Chattanooga, TN (JJ’s Bohemia)


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