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My #ROO14WISHLIST because why not

This music festival I would go to! You know what’s lamer than the inevitable internet puff pieces by people who think they’re awesome by bashing on a “corporate, thtupid” music festival? People who got genuinely excited for Coachella this year. I went last year because it was my last year in CA, and Blur and Descendents (two of the greatest bands of our lifetimes) played. Also, seeing New Order was a goddamned religious experience. Franz Ferdinand, also great. Most of the other bands, though? Pretty boring. Even my favorite rapper Aesop Rock was a bit lackluster, but you can’t blame the guy- it was a 3pm set in the middle of the low desert. This year, outside of a handful of acts, is looking like  a train wreck. At least they kept the water bottles (relatively) cheap.

Stay tuned to this website, where I’m going to lay into our “society’s” preoccupation with “hipsters” sometime soon. For now, uh… carry on. Actually, check my comedy schedule I got some things coming up.

I’m genuinely worried I’m forgetting how to spell.


One thought on “My #ROO14WISHLIST because why not

  1. Yeah, I’m really damn disappointed about the line-up this year. I wouldn’t mind seeing Outkast (for kicks), but god damn it’s horrible. Either way, I wouldn’t go! (lousy piece of shit/overpriced tickets…) I will wait for FYF.

    Descendents FTW ❤

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