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Knox-Shows for Later This Summer!

Knoxville: Time for a “MARK YOUR CALENDARS” post, with a brief announcement at the end that shouldn’t be too shocking. This has gradually turned into comedy-rock’n’roll-party-summer. Here are some shows I’m organizing at The Pilot Light (all 9pm, all with local support, more details on individual events coming soon). WEDS 7/30 - Dustin Meadows at the Pilot Light; … Continue reading

Shows in Columbus this Week!

Hey! I know this is fairly last-minute, but I’ve decided to swing up to Ohio and do a few Ragnarock3.0-warmup shows during this completely insane week for comedy going on in one of my favorite cities in the universe, Columbus. A couple of them will be with my Knox-buddy Matt Ward, who is hosting the … Continue reading

My #ROO14WISHLIST because why not

This music festival I would go to! You know what’s lamer than the inevitable internet puff pieces by people who think they’re awesome by bashing on a “corporate, thtupid” music festival? People who got genuinely excited for Coachella this year. I went last year because it was my last year in CA, and Blur and … Continue reading