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“Hey, Tyler, I’d like to see you perform sometime,” you say noncommittally. Well, look what I’ve got in store for you, acquaintance!

Well, that summer was awesome, and no fooling. I can’t think of a more comedically-productive 3-month stretch of my life, particularly with that tour, the Kinane show(s), and other such spectacularity. With all that in the rear view at this point, here are a few things coming up in the near-to-distant future! YEAH! MONDAYS IN … Continue reading

WEDNESDAY July 30th at the Pilot Light: The “Redefining Rock Bottom” Tour Featuring Dustin Meadows at the Pilot Light!

I’m very excited to bring Dustin Meadows, a good buddy and hilarious comic, to the Pilot Light in Old City this Wednesday night! He’s coming through on his “Redefining Rock Bottom” mini-tour with Michael Meyers and Mike Kolar, two other tours-de-force from the always-explosive Columbus, OH comedy scene. For those of you who may have missed … Continue reading